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"Come Join Us" song captures the work of Rotary


By Arnold R. Grahl 


The song and video bring the energy of Rotary into the contemporary music scene," says professional speaker and songwriter Jerry Mills . "

To see this all come together has been both humbling and profoundly fulfilling."


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Rotary International News


From its humble beginnings as a 12-page periodical, The Rotarian has grown into an award-winning publication with a circulation of over 500,000.demoThirty one Rotary regional magazines publications are produced independently by Rotarians, distributed in more than 130 countries, and published in over 20 languages.

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Rotary Leader


Rotary Leader is a multimedia, online publication featuring practical information and links to help club and district officers meet the challenges they face every day.

demoThere is no cost to subscribe to Rotary Leader.  Rotary Leader is published in eight languages - English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.


Most Requested R I Publications






Most requested R I publications


Rotary International offers a wide variety of publications to help and to inform Rotarians and others interested in Rotary programs or becoming part of the family of Rotary.


A Guide for Exchange Students


752 - This booklet offers suggestions for exchange students and their parents. 


Long-Term Youth Exchange: Making a World of Difference


755 - A promotional brochure describing the academic-year program to students.


Ambassadorial Scholar Handbook


133 - This handbook prepares students for the scholarship. 


Ambassadorial Scholarships Leaflet


132 - Four-color leaflet, suitable for display, provides potential applicants and Rotarians with basic information about the goals, requirements, and operation of the Ambassadorial Scholarships program.


Manual of Procedure


035 - A reference manual for Rotary leaders that includes RI constitutional documents and bylaws.


Group Study Exchange Brochure


160 - Color leaflet for clubs, districts, and potential GSE team member candidates and their employers. Describes the GSE program, eligibility criteria, application procedures, and benefits to participants and employers. Six copies are automatically sent to each district GSEsubcommittee chair.


Short-Term Youth Exchange: Discover Your World


756 - Promotional brochure that stands alone or may be inserted into Making a World of Difference: Long-Term Youth Exchange


Interact Handbook


654 - A complete guide for organizing and administering an effective Interact club, for both sponsoring Rotary clubs and Interact club leadership.


Rotary Basics


595 - This colorful eight-page guide to Rotary history, fundamental principles, programs, achievements, and membership benefits and responsibilities. It’s a companion to the New Member Orientation (414-EN). 


R I Visual Identity Guide


547 - Standard reference for the design of Rotary-related publications, Web sites, signage, and other communications materials. Specifies the proper use of the Rotary emblem and emblems for RI and Foundation programs, and provides guidelines on colors, design, photography, domain names, and project identification.


Club Leadership Plan


245 - Guide to implementing the Club Leadership Plan to strengthen your Rotary club. Limited quantities per order. 


R I Catalog


019 - A listing of RI publications, audio and video, forms, and supplies. Revised 019 - A listing of RI publications, audio and video, forms, and supplies. Revised annually.