Benefits of a Rotary University Diploma.

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"Come Join Us" song captures the work of Rotary


By Arnold R. Grahl 


The song and video bring the energy of Rotary into the contemporary music scene," says professional speaker and songwriter Jerry Mills . "

To see this all come together has been both humbling and profoundly fulfilling."


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From its humble beginnings as a 12-page periodical, The Rotarian has grown into an award-winning publication with a circulation of over 500,000.demoThirty one Rotary regional magazines publications are produced independently by Rotarians, distributed in more than 130 countries, and published in over 20 languages.

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Rotary Leader is a multimedia, online publication featuring practical information and links to help club and district officers meet the challenges they face every day.

demoThere is no cost to subscribe to Rotary Leader.  Rotary Leader is published in eight languages - English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.


Benefits of Membership



Benefits of Membership





Graduates will gain an in depth knowledge of Rotary International and its rich history, which will lead to a more meaningful Rotary experience.

Graduates will receive a comprehensive education on the inner workings of Rotary International’s operations at the Club, District, Zone and International levels.

Graduates will gain a sophisticated view of Rotary International including its structure, policies, procedures, involvement in world affairs, and its impact around the globe.

Graduates will gain a solid leadership and training foundation that can then be shared with their respective clubs.

Graduates will receive a diploma from Rotary University Southwest providing recognition of their commitment to world peace and understanding and to the Object of Rotary.